Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tethering Windows Phones Via USB cable-Not wifi hot-spot

Most people using Windows phones has this problem of not having a feature to use internet connection of mobile phone without making a wifi hot spot. Here i am bringing you a simple way of doing that. This is also very important for the branded phone buyers where these phones are not supported for the wifi hot spot. As an example if you buy a phone with AT & T or Verizon unlimited data plans these phones are not supported wifi hot spot feature. When you select the internet sharing it will say ' Internet sharing isn't currently allowed'. So the option i am bringing you is very simple & easy to understand.
First dial one of the following & then you see the diag mode & enable it.




when you enable the diag mode some of the phones will ask to restart. let it happen, it is normal. & for some phones diag mode is disabled & you have to click it two three times & wait for the until it ask for the restart.
Then for the some of the phones you have to dial the following code & then it will show you three modes as follows. Some phones will say it occurred a problem, do not worry. it is normal.
*#7284# -dialing code- then you will get following three steps.

Zune sync
Modem, Tethered call
Modem, USB Diag

Then select the second one, then it will ask for restart, let it happen.

Ok now you have almost done.
Plug your device to the PC using USB cable, it will ask for the driver installation. Please make sure your PC is connected to the internet while you are doing this as it will search for the drivers software for installation. If it says not found trouble shoot through the internet. Do not worry if it gets the modem drivers installed correctly, no need the correct driver installation of the other devices of your phone.

Ok this is the last step of everything. Disconnect your internet connection & do the following.

Go to Start---> Devices & Printers ---> select your windows phone (if drivers not installed correctly this will be under Unspecified Category as Composite device) Right click on that Composite device, on the top it will show you 'Modem settings ---> Modem settings ----> Then you will get a window of three or more tabs select the Modem tab ---> Then select the modem of your windows phone out of the modems shown in the list.-----> click properties ----> Then you will get another window of " (your phone brand) USB Modem properties, select the Diagnostics Tab, then select the "Query Modem" button. Msg will appear as " Communication with modem, this will take few seconds" wait, you will get a list under the second space of that tab with two parts named command & response.

Now you have the last step of the work.

Go to Network & sharing center ---> Set up a new connection or network ---> Set up a dial-up connection ---> Modem of your PC ( Now it will ask "which modem you want to use? " & will show your device modem in the modem list)-----> Then enter the dial up code of the your ISP (this is the same code what you dial when you are using the USB dongle. example- in Sri Lanka *99#)
Now you will see the work is running giving you number of messages ( Register on your network etc...) & finally you will be asked to browse.

Now browse it. You have done what you need. Please leave a comment & like for the post. Do not forget it. That is what all I want.

This is a great option for the Verizon HTC 8X owners to share there internet connection with the PC. Cheers you all. Good luck & be happy with your smart phone.